Friday, July 24, 2009

OFFL E-League Top Recruits

The recruiting class this year in the OFFL is taking shape, and three young individuals have gathered more than their fair share of the spotlight. This year's "celebrity recruits" will raise the spirits of some lucky schools and break the hearts of many others.

Marcus Baker
Halfback – Speed
6’2” 223 lbs
Top Schools: Georgia, Florida, Florida State

Baker is lightning in a bottle – outstanding speed combined with agility and acceleration. Power running is not part of his game, but his speed and ability to break tackles makes him a dangerous outside threat.

James Barrett
Center – Run Block
6’4” 272 lbs
Top Schools: LSU, Texas, Notre Dame

Barret has all the makings of an All-American Center who will likely play on Sundays. Great strength and blocking skills will make him the cornerstone of an offensive line for years to come.

Will McBride
Cornerback – Balanced
6’0” 180 lbs
Top Schools: Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida

McBride has the pure athleticism required to shine in the college secondary - great speed and acceleration with a strong vertical. Combined with good man and zone coverage skills, he’ll be a shutdown corner early in his college career.

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