Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barrett Chooses the Tigers!

Its not often that the LSU Tigers venture into Big 10 country looking for players, but when they do, they generally target the best. Today, word started to circulate that James Barrett, the 6'4 272lb Center from Illinois committed to the Tigers. had ranked Barrett the #2 overall prospect in the nation and tabbed him as a "celebrity recruit." For more on the Barrett commitment and other LSU recruiting stories, click on the LSU Tigers link which will bring you to The Geauxlden Tiger Blog.

Friday, July 24, 2009

OFFL E-League Top Recruits

The recruiting class this year in the OFFL is taking shape, and three young individuals have gathered more than their fair share of the spotlight. This year's "celebrity recruits" will raise the spirits of some lucky schools and break the hearts of many others.

Marcus Baker
Halfback – Speed
6’2” 223 lbs
Top Schools: Georgia, Florida, Florida State

Baker is lightning in a bottle – outstanding speed combined with agility and acceleration. Power running is not part of his game, but his speed and ability to break tackles makes him a dangerous outside threat.

James Barrett
Center – Run Block
6’4” 272 lbs
Top Schools: LSU, Texas, Notre Dame

Barret has all the makings of an All-American Center who will likely play on Sundays. Great strength and blocking skills will make him the cornerstone of an offensive line for years to come.

Will McBride
Cornerback – Balanced
6’0” 180 lbs
Top Schools: Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida

McBride has the pure athleticism required to shine in the college secondary - great speed and acceleration with a strong vertical. Combined with good man and zone coverage skills, he’ll be a shutdown corner early in his college career.

Monday, July 20, 2009

E-League Launch Schedule

Just thought I'd put out what I hope is going to be our schedule. It looks like the community rosters, which are easily the best set out there, are going to finish up sometime tomorrow. The patch that allows us to turn off dynasty accelerators is also due out tomorrow. See where I'm going with this?

If all goes as planned, I'd like to launch tomorrow. I'll send invites, we'll get our pre-season stuff done, and start week one on schedule, on Thursday. All of this, of course, is tentative. Rosters must be complete. The patch must be on time. We got the rules and new recruiting guidelines in place, so we're good there. By the way, READ THE RULES! Not knowing does not equal innocence. Some of the penalties have gone up. Know what will happen if you goof. Oh, and check out our new GameDay logo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Screens - Uniform Edits

EA is adding more material to their site every day, so I thought I'd give a few of you an early look at what some of your guys are going to look like on the field. Most of the alternate uniform selections for each team are present in this year's release, it seems, and while there are certainly going to be a few mistakes, what I've seen of the new stuff looks great, except for the Oregon uniforms - but that's not EA's fault. For a complete list, click here, or, in case you're just too lazy, I collected a few shots for you to look at:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Recent NCAA 2010 Screens

Check out some shots I pulled from the EA site:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week One HateFest

There are rivalries ... and then there's FSU - Miami. It's a game in a class of its own, though some say it has lost a bit of luster over the past several years. With both teams in relative decline over the past few seasons, and with off-field drama surpassing on-field success on both campuses, fans are begging their programs to get back to the way things used to be, when any discussion of the best teams in college football had to include the Seminoles and the Hurricanes. These two rivals have chosen the first week of the season to settle thing this year, and it's likely that the winner will be seen as the team returning to greatness, while the losers will once again find themselves struggling for national respect. Expect both teams to leave everything on the field in this one - After all, the future of both programs hangs in the balance.

The 'Canes hope to start the '09 season off right in the Orange Bowl

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Irish, Buckeyes Ink Long-Term Deal

Week 15 Just Got A Bit More Interesting

Buckeyes, Irish will be a yearly thing for quite some time.

In a stunning move for both schools, the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University have just signed a long-term deal with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, a deal that will end each season with a game between perhaps the two most storied programs in the nation.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this deal is the fact that no one saw it coming. When asked about the deal, Ohio State coach Archie Griffin said, "Well, we just felt it wasn't anybody's business. We want to play the best, and they're the best, or pretty close to it, at least."

Some call the agreement a bit of a swipe at the Buckeyes' traditional rival, the Michigan Wolverines, since Ohio State's decision now places Notre Dame as the final game of the year instead of Michigan, a team that has struggled of late. When asked about it, coach Griffin said this:
The game happens when it happens because we couldn't find any other way to get it done. And anyone who says Michigan is no longer the primary game on our schedule ... well, they just don't know (expletive) about Ohio State football.

Coach Griffin: "Notre Dame is now a part of our season, but Michigan is the season."

While the home and away details have not yet been worked out, the two schools both seem committed to the idea of a long term agreement. For the Buckeyes, this likely means a lighter early schedule to compensate for the tough late schedule, and for the Irish, it probably means getting rid of one of its other Big Ten rivalries. While some believe Michigan State will likely be replaced by the Buckeyes on the Irish schedule, some insiders feel it is time to sever ties with in-state rival Purdue. But there is a strong contingent of Irish faithful who believe none of these games should go, so no one can say right now what will happen. However, we will watch the situation with interest.