Saturday, May 30, 2009

Irish, Buckeyes Ink Long-Term Deal

Week 15 Just Got A Bit More Interesting

Buckeyes, Irish will be a yearly thing for quite some time.

In a stunning move for both schools, the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University have just signed a long-term deal with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, a deal that will end each season with a game between perhaps the two most storied programs in the nation.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this deal is the fact that no one saw it coming. When asked about the deal, Ohio State coach Archie Griffin said, "Well, we just felt it wasn't anybody's business. We want to play the best, and they're the best, or pretty close to it, at least."

Some call the agreement a bit of a swipe at the Buckeyes' traditional rival, the Michigan Wolverines, since Ohio State's decision now places Notre Dame as the final game of the year instead of Michigan, a team that has struggled of late. When asked about it, coach Griffin said this:
The game happens when it happens because we couldn't find any other way to get it done. And anyone who says Michigan is no longer the primary game on our schedule ... well, they just don't know (expletive) about Ohio State football.

Coach Griffin: "Notre Dame is now a part of our season, but Michigan is the season."

While the home and away details have not yet been worked out, the two schools both seem committed to the idea of a long term agreement. For the Buckeyes, this likely means a lighter early schedule to compensate for the tough late schedule, and for the Irish, it probably means getting rid of one of its other Big Ten rivalries. While some believe Michigan State will likely be replaced by the Buckeyes on the Irish schedule, some insiders feel it is time to sever ties with in-state rival Purdue. But there is a strong contingent of Irish faithful who believe none of these games should go, so no one can say right now what will happen. However, we will watch the situation with interest.

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  1. This is great news for the league! So many implications in these matchups: national title aspirations, recruiting battles, previous user histories. This one has it all! I think Ohio State will be the favorite for the first few seasons, but after ND gets some recruiting under their belt I expect things will even out.