Friday, May 1, 2009

Year One Vids

Here's a few oldies but goodies from back in the day. You'll love them. You will also hate them. But they sure are funny to look back on now. I had these sitting in an old file I used for the old site. I remember posting the Florida pic on the left as part of one of the early articles I wrote. It used to take me forever to churn that stuff out. Things sure have changed, haven't they?

Here's one of AMP putting the hurt on Trine.

And one of Dat putting the hurt on JC

One of my better efforts.

And here's Dat getting scored on in our first ever user game. FYI, I reached out to Manrilla to see if he might want to come back.

So there's a little nostalgia for you guys. I figured you would like those, since I'm probably the only guys who still has them. I don't have all of them, but I have quite a few.

Marlon Lucky, our first Heisman winner, who caught 76 passes in the final seven games of the year. But I'm not bitter ...


  1. Those take me back. Crazy how much has changed with the league in so little time. But good to see how many of the same guys are still around.

  2. Ouch, thanks for reminding me of the beat down..haha