Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I Need to Know

Ok everyone - I know I sent a message out a while ago with some info I need from each of you, but I thought I'd follow up with a post here, just to be safe, and redundant. So, to get started here, I need an email address from each of you, preferably the one you're using here on blogger. Once I have that, I'll send you an email invite, which you will use to become a co-author here. Also, once your blog is created, I will add it to the list on the right. The list updates, moving the newest member post to the top so we can all see the latest news.

Also, you can "subscribe" to the page, meaning new posts here (which any of you can write whenever you want) will link to whatever homepage you choose. This is a nice little feature for guys who don't get to check in as often. Let me know if there are any other features you would like to see. If there's an app, I'll go get it.

One more thing - I want to make sure we keep supporting the TF guys as much as possible, so when you're designing your pages, try to link back to the forums and other news pages as much as you can. We want to keep traffic up over at as much as we can. See, it's just that easy.



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