Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week One HateFest

There are rivalries ... and then there's FSU - Miami. It's a game in a class of its own, though some say it has lost a bit of luster over the past several years. With both teams in relative decline over the past few seasons, and with off-field drama surpassing on-field success on both campuses, fans are begging their programs to get back to the way things used to be, when any discussion of the best teams in college football had to include the Seminoles and the Hurricanes. These two rivals have chosen the first week of the season to settle thing this year, and it's likely that the winner will be seen as the team returning to greatness, while the losers will once again find themselves struggling for national respect. Expect both teams to leave everything on the field in this one - After all, the future of both programs hangs in the balance.

The 'Canes hope to start the '09 season off right in the Orange Bowl

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  1. FSU and AMP are the only reason I am playing as Miami. My box is headed to the shop AMP so enjoy your extra practice time with the demo.